A customized self-defense program

    contextualized for Women and Girls in Slums,

    Training 1000 girls to #DefendHerself

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    1 in 3 Women in Kenya face Gender based Violence

    In 2020, the United Nations found that 120 million girls worldwide have experiences forced intercourse or other forced sexual acts at some point in their lives. The World Health Organization projected as high as 150 million girls are victims of violence each year. Women and girls account for about 70 per cent of all human trafficking victims globally.

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    Girls in Slums are at Higher Risk

    Girls who grow up in the slums of Nairobi such as Kibera, Mathare, Kayole and Kawangware are already exposed to a higher risk living environment, and they deserve to be better prepared. The violent rape and murder of Cynthia, a form 4 student from KSGA, has highlighted a growing crisis, worsened by COVID, but that should not be forgotten. Even when leading organizations seek to protect their girls and create better opportunity, the protective structures designed to safeguard greater opportunity are not foolproof.

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    Training leads to 63% reduction in assaults

    Being able to defend should be a basic right because evidence shows that trainings for girls to defend themselves increases confidence, and significantly reduces incident of assault. A 2013 study of high school girls in Nairobi showed that self- defense training reduced incidence of assault by 63%! And we still believe a better designed program is needed...

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    Self-Defense Designed for Girls in the Slums


    Self-defense training based on Shadow Krav Maga, a highly effective mixed martial art, focused on teaching techniques that can be used by those who are likely to be smaller and less strong than their attacker.


    Contextual training on how to identify unsafe or potentially high risk scenarios, how to avoid these scenarios, and conflict resolution skills to defuse incidents.


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    The Trainer

    Yuly Grosman is one of only 10 Shadow Krav Maga (SKM) teachers around the world, and has over 20 years experience in security consulting, military, self-defense and body guard training. SKM is unique in that it is a form of self-defense and contact combat focused on avoiding aggression and considering that many victims are not trained athletes or uniquely strong, but rather regular individuals. Yuly’s students are taught to use a suite of advanced techniques leveraging the Mind, Pressure Points, Street Smarts, Common Objects- and simple practice of movements.

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    $50 to Train each Girl and Train the Trainer

    Help us reach and train 1,000 girls by April 2022! During this time, once funded, we will focused on working with a series of Kenyan schools and professionals who work with girls who have been- or are at risk of violent attack- to build a robust program to better prepare girls as well as help them heal from violence.


    A donation of $50 will train each girl during this pilot phase, and also help us build a robust and cost-effective program with scale. This amount includes time to interview and work with others to build a stronger program, as well as time for a lead trainer and ~3 assistant trainers to join group trainings of girls.


    We are starting our campaign at a $25,000 target to reach the initial 500 girls, and to begin our outreach and ensure girls get training sooner rather than later. We hope our early pilot trainings will convince other funders and institutions of the value and importance of further funding this training.