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Empathy Workshop

Our cornerstone is the Empathy Workshop, a 1-2 hour interactive design-thinking based workshop that creates a structured but open environment to begin to approach the topics of sexism and sexual violation.

We developed the Empathy Workshop with global facilitators to accommodate the inherent cultural diversity of international audiences and the variations that come with different group sizes. The beauty of the empathy workshop is that enables participants to speak across linguistic, socioeconomic, and cultural boundaries. In fact, we have found that the more diverse the group, the more effective it is in generating radical insights. We have reached this insight through hosting the Empathy Workshop with a wide range of individuals, from Fortune 100 executives to Eritrean refugees, to top Chinese academics and Silicon Valley insiders.

Our Empathy Workshop is run in three general stages:

  1. Trigger Videos: Watching as a group to illustrate discrepancies in communication through pop culture
  2. Peer Interview: Asking prepared questions, listening to what it feels like to experience situations as the opposite sex 
  3. Radical Solution Brainstorming: Design thinking format used to construct and optimize solutions addressing the problems articulated during Peer Interview process 

The Empathy Workshop can be done with groups of 10 - 100, but if it is over 30, we will break the group into smaller sections. It typically takes 1.5-3 hours, and we run the workshop for free with any nonprofit, organization, or company. Currently we have active facilitators in Shanghai, Nairobi, New York, and San Francisco. However, we are always traveling, so if you'd like us to come to your city we can work something out!

Please reach out to phoenixrisen[at] if you want to collaborate!