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Resources for Kenya

By Dahae Lee & Jeanie Suh, Phoenix Risen

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Hey, Kenya. Sometimes, you need help or advice. Maybe you suffered from a recent incident of sexual violation. Maybe it was a long time ago. Maybe something happened to your loved one. It doesn’t matter. The resources below are for everyone affected by sexual violation and they are specialized to work within your community.

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Where should I look for background information and definitions of sexual violation?

RAINN - Though RAINN is not a Kenyan-based NGO, the website can help define and explain statistics, vocabulary, and post-trauma symptoms. It’s a great place to start figuring out how you’d define you or your loved one’s experience.

Report the Abuse - Though Report the Abuse is no longer an active NGO, their website is still a plethora of resources for survivors.

Where can I get legal advice about my rights and to make a sexual violation claim?

Coalition of Women Against Violence - COVAW directly provides support to the women (who are the rights holders) as a way of empowering them to stand up to claim, realize and enjoy their rights.

Women’s Rights Awareness Program - WRAP enhances the promotion and protection of women's and children's rights through advocacy and awareness creation, and to initiate mitigative measures for abused women and children such as safe and secure alternative accommodation and other related supportive services.

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Who can I talk to and get advice/counseling?

Wangu Kanja Foundation - WKF operates a 24-hour crisis hotline for advice and counseling.

Are there professional services for my health?

Pathfinder - Pathfinder brings sexual and reproductive healthcare to 45 million people in Kenya.

Gender Violence Recovery Centre - The GVRC provides free medical treatment and psychosocial care for victims of gender-based violence.

Where can I find help in my community?

Currently, there are a lack of rape crisis centers within the community, but certain groups have recently gotten funding for building a few. We will keep you updated on this.

Where can I get industry-specific information?

Make Every Woman Count - MEWC’s main activities are enacted through their online portal,, which provides information, resources and guidance to women's organisations, grassroots movements and activists working on the ground to empower women and girls. MEWC provides African women with a platform for sharing ideas, learning and creating linkages to build and establish female leaders in Africa.

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Are there any education programs for sexual violence prevention?

No Means No - No Means No has trained instructors in high-risk environments to deliver rape prevention curriculum to boys and girls ages 10-20 in schools and clubs.

Precious Little Ladies - Precious Little Ladies offers free workshops for parents to build bonds with their daughters and to talk about sexual and domestic abuse.

Kakenya’s Dream - Kakenya’s Dream provides life-changing education to empower girls, end harmful traditional practices, and uplift rural communities in Kenya.