• Combatting Sexual Violation is

    NOT the Responsibility of Just Women.

    Phoenix Risen's empathy workshops bring women and men together to address sexism and underlying issues of sexual harassment and assault.


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    One Future Collective has compiled a work in progress guide with recommendations, resources, best...
    9 de noviembre de 2018
    On November 8th, we hosted a round table with other service providers in the gender violence and...
    On May 27th, three individuals who have been recognized as a leader in promoting gender equality...
    26 de mayo de 2018
    Thank you so much to Global Shapers Kampala Hub for organizing this Empathy Workshop, and...
    4 de marzo de 2018
    Consent, rape and legal frameworks are three contentious and often misinterpreted topics when...
    2 de marzo de 2018
    Because so many women gave us feedback that they needed more actionable steps in order to combat...
    A major study by the World Health Organization (WHO) found that in most countries, between 30...
    1 de enero de 2018
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