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Empathy Workshop with Sorority China

July 19, 2017

· China,Empathy Workshop

We came up with a number of solutions from comical-- "A Man in a Can" who is a literal mouthpiece for our too-nice protagonist-- to more of a practical process in delineating time and responsibilities with an overbearing boss.

Our main takeaways:

1. We have to be proactive in setting our boundaries with others-- we can't wait until they've been crossed to assert those boundaries.

2. Boundaries are not murky, and that's why it's up to you to think about EXACTLY where yours exist. You need to take the time and effort to delineate where your limits are and if necessary, even articulate them in writing.

3. If you talk about boundaries with others in the same situation, such as your colleagues, you may find that they struggle with the same issues. Collectively, you can set a community boundary that can be applied to everyone in the group, and you can call upon others to help you enforce that boundary.

Thank you to Sorority China for an amazing time!

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