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Empathy Workshop with Global Shapers

July 20, 2017

· Empathy Workshop

Each of our empathy workshops are different because the people participating are different. We learn new things every time and always walk away with some key takeaways:


  • "Habits are often stronger than conscientious feminism.  Even though I pride myself in being an avid feminist, my reactions to certain situations are often weak or coy, and I feel myself giving way to the patriarchy.” 
  • Power dynamics are fluid, especially in relationships. While there will always be one person more dominant than another, the role changes depending on situation, timing, and emotion. However, these changes are about Sex EQ, and do not necessarily take away from the essence of the relationship.
  • Power dynamics are not always about explicit power, but sometimes about the background and experiences that come with unchangeable aspects of self. 
  • If you have never been exposed to these concepts, it may be very hard to see what's wrong in certain situations. By actively learning more about issues like everyday sexism and gender inequality, men can more actively act as allies.
What a wonderful group!
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